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Thanks for the ribs over this last year that I have been buying them from you. Being a fan of BBQ food, over the last 5 or 6 years, my wife and I have traveled some pretty long distances to eat presumed “really good” BBQ recommended by friends or acquaintances.

I have to say, I doubt we would have traveled to half these places if we’d have known about your business! I haven’t been able to get away w/o eating your ribs at least once every couple of weeks or risk going into withdrawal.

VERY good flavor and always tender, even the left overs!

Thank you.”

- Tony T.

“In 35+ years experience for the Des Moines business community, I have not found better quality food than produced by Merle Cox.

I have Merle custom smoke meat for companies as large as Cargill and Pioneer Hybrid International.

I have received the highest compliments when using his products for my service.

Simply put, the best product I have had in all my career.”

- John M.

“Wow. Wow. Wow. That is all I can say, each time it surprises me that I fall a little bit more in love with BBQ.”

- Toussaint, the wish I was a BBQ King

“I’ve lived in Texas, South Carolina, and New Orleans – and now Idaho, no smoked ribs and beans I have ever tasted live up to Merle’s ribs and beans.

No sauce is needed to accompany the hickory smoked ribs, pork infused beans, and fresh apple sauce.

In December, I returned for my brother’s wedding in Iowa. Merle especially catered and served a BBQ menu at the rehearsal dinner, where not a scrap remained.

Guests were asking for 2nds and 3nds, clamoring for more, astounded by the rich flavors – but who wouldn’t? Excellence, every time.”

- Laura, the BBQ (self-proclaimed) Queen